J for Jungle Babbler


Popularly known across India as ‘Saat Saheliya’ or ‘Saat Dost’ these noisy, angry looking birds are normally in a group of 6 to 10 and they come about and create a huge amount of noise. At my house they even spend a lot of time fighting with their own reflection in the mirror on the bike. Their features are such they always look angry! Though this one for a change does not look that angry and is perhaps intrigued at the photographer.

Perhaps it is thinking,

‘I am so common, why do you click me’

To which I will reply,

‘I am common too and hence I like people like me!’ 😀


36 thoughts on “J for Jungle Babbler

  1. Yes yes yes yes…. the mirrors on the cars, the windshield, all of them are in danger when these birds come around. Permanent visitors at my place 🙂 Nice to have a name to go by, for them 🙂

  2. Yeah, these birds do look angry! By the way, aren’t these Yellow billed Babblers? Are they also called Jungle Babblers?
    And of course a great click!

  3. Awesome! I have never done bird photography, but it is something that greatly interests me. Lovely shot.

    Akhil Kalsh.

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