Kaande le lo ji…


A pretty common scene on the Goa-Belgaum highway, where farmers set up shops near their farms on the highway hoping to sell some of their produce directly to the consumer and not via the whole vegetable chain!


The price Rs. 200 for 10kg!


The perks of photography & Blogging ;)

So the other day I received a phone call from an unknown number and the caller in a sweet voice told me that she would like to get my address and that she would like to send me a surprise gift on behalf of Asus! I couldn’t quite fathom what was happening but gave my address anyway. I am too cheap to refuse anything coming my way that way.

Eventually I got this Asus Lolliflash, a mobile photography accessory, you can check out its full specifications here. So for a while you might just see loads of photographs from me in low light now that I have a lollipop like looking flash! 😀 *grin*

It comes with three filters and has three levels of light intensity.


So far it looks pretty handy and useful, wait for more pictures taken by it though! 😀

P.s. Post written in gratitude for the give away by Asus.



A house sparrow that is increasingly rare in big cities with modern architecture is still pretty common in smaller villages and older parts of the city. Here is one that was keeping us engaged at the Cedo Centre in Moti Virani at Kutch.


She had a pretty hungry baby to feed and she was quite busy all the time! 🙂