The Baya Weaver (Ploceus philippinus)


Well as silly as it might sound, this is the first time I spotted or rather I identified the Baya Weaver. Have seen its nest many times and earlier I could have seen it but wasn’t interested earlier. Finally though I have started to take interest in birds and this world is fascinating I must tell you! 🙂



Recently a couple of little kittens have started showing up around the garden, very tiny, shy, scared they keep running away when ever we try to approach them to hold them, touch them or cuddle them, eventually we decided to show our friendliness by offering them some milk, hoping that they would realise we were not meaning any harm to them I tried to go near it but they wouldn’t be so gullible as yet, it hopped away and stayed at a distance wanting me to go away from the bowl of milk, eventually the two of them finished the bowl and hung around in our garden till evening but at all times maintaining a strict distance from me or the other kids that tried to go near them. The next morning onwards they seemed to have somehow disappeared some other place, too bad they didn’t like our garden and make it their home 😦




A White Breasted Kingfisher has become a regular visitor in our neighbour’s empty plot which has a lot of wild grass growing thanks to the rains, it stalks its prey and picks them up and displays his prize quite proudly! 😀