The perks of photography & Blogging ;)

So the other day I received a phone call from an unknown number and the caller in a sweet voice told me that she would like to get my address and that she would like to send me a surprise gift on behalf of Asus! I couldn’t quite fathom what was happening but gave my address anyway. I am too cheap to refuse anything coming my way that way.

Eventually I got this Asus Lolliflash, a mobile photography accessory, you can check out its full specifications here. So for a while you might just see loads of photographs from me in low light now that I have a lollipop like looking flash! 😀 *grin*

It comes with three filters and has three levels of light intensity.


So far it looks pretty handy and useful, wait for more pictures taken by it though! 😀

P.s. Post written in gratitude for the give away by Asus.


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