A door in Turtuk!


During our trip this winter to Leh and Hemis National Park we also managed to visit India’s northern most village, Turtuk. With that I must boast that I have seen the western most point and the northern most points of India. The eastern and the southern ones still beckon. This village was under Pakistan’s control till 1971, the residents of this village are mostly muslims that have peculiar features that are native to people from Baltistan. The doors, windows in the village were really interesting, the village had really small lanes and some really old houses. This door is of the house of a guy who claims to be a heir of the king of Turtuk (Baltistan) he runs a small museum up there!!!! Would you believe that?! He has a full family tree drawn on one wall and has maintained some old relics and family silver. Although the museum is closed and things are not arranged in winter as very few visitors come then he was still happy to see us and interact with us. One thing I must mention particularly is that the guy was not at all sore about the fact that he is a part of India now and that he does not get any royal treatment either having joined the country late in 1971 unlike a few others who did get some royal treatment when they joined in 1947-48.

I will try to show you some of the pictures of the village Turtuk and the doors and window’s there particularly captivated me so I will start with the doors there!


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