Yellow Billed Blue Magpie

They always say driving in the hills is a challenge, especially in the Himalaya’s, I agree, apart from the challenging terrain the most problems are caused by the beauty there, no wonder a lot of people want to take a driver as they want to enjoy the beauty of the hills. Whether to look at the valley or the pine tree line or that snow peak its always a difficult task at hand. Curves, slopes, a raging truck anything could have you in a fix at any time.

Add to that the new bug of bird watching, being in a terrain that is not usual to myself and the fact that you might see a new species any moment keeps me absolutely on the edge of my seat. Luckily when this Yellow Billed Blue Magpie or Gold Billed Magpie crossed paths there was no one on the road and I could stop and actually shoot a couple of pictures! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Apparently as it flew the novice me thought it was a paradise flycatcher thanks to the long tail that flew across our windshield! To be corrected my Karan at Raju’s Guest house that it was a commonly spotted bird in those neck of the woods.

That beauty looked splendid when it was in flight, unfortunately your’s truly is an amateur and so I do not have a proper shot of it in flight! I hope you all will make do with this!



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