Back from the brink of extinction!!!


The Swamp deer is a beautiful species from the deer family, popularly known as “Barasingha” in India, it was quite commonly found in Asia and even Africa at the turn of 19th century, however, about a few decades back, they were on the brink of extinction, with as low as just double digit numbers left in the wild. The antlers of the Barasingha are perhaps the most prettiest among all deer species! Normally deer antlers have three tines, however, a full grown adult male “Barasingha” can have as many as 10-12 tines and hence the name “Barasingha”!!!! 😀 😀


One of Kanha National Park’s landmark achievement is the preservation of the rare “Barasingha” &saving it from near extinction. This is a tribute to this park and the sacrifices the local people would have made to ensure this preservation. Today Kanha does not have any village inside the park and that is an achievement in itself. There is very little human/animal conflict and that has ensured that the species has prospered.

Infact our guide told us that the number had gone to as low as 50 in the wild about a couple of decades ago and from there they have managed to push it over 500 now.


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