Prize Winning Entry! :D


Fear Factor!

I was going serially with my spring collection trip photo’s but I had to jump to this one! Writer’s Ezine was running a contest about a picture that described some expressions and I submitted this picture and it won! Its going to adorn their May issue’s cover page!

Taken in the zoo in Bhopal, through a glass, the whole thing was quite peculiar and weird. We were seeing the snake enclosures and we were shocked to see small live chicken in the enclosure! At some point the chicken would even step on the snake and yet the snake would not react! We were bemused and asked the Zoo officer around and he said that the live chicken were food for the snakes!!!!

We were like?! Live!? Meaning they had to be in the cage alive and see death coming?! Sounded odd, really odd! The zoo keeper told us that the snake didn’t eat dead things and hence they had to put in live chicks!

The next question from us was then why do they not bother when the chicks step on them or why are they not killing them.

The reply told us a lot about how nature works! The zoo keeper told us the snake only kill to eat, that is when they are hungry till then the chicks had nothing to worry!!!

The above picture seemed to capture a couple of expressions according to me, the chicks all together standing in the peeping sunlight perhaps warming all together and praying to the almighty! The russel’s viper eyes them greedily perhaps selecting which one was he going to have for dinner tonight!

Strange it might be, but thats the way of nature perhaps with a touch of human interference!


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