The tail tale..


Whilst sitting besides the infinity pool at Motel Marble Rocks in Bhedaghat this particular tree caught my fancy, all its leaves were red and I mean bloody dark red! I wondered what the tree could be which I was informed by the local help at the resort that it was called ‘Koshumbhi’ locally. The monkey’s fancied whatever the tree had to offer and were pretty much there all day. As the evening drew and the sun set, this langoor with his really long tail sat there giving me a pose for a silhouette photograph!

It doesn’t always strike us, does it? The langoor actually has a tail that is longer than its actual body! We…errr I mean perhaps I never bothered to look at it as carefully and closely before when they come to ransack my garden! 😀

The ‘Koshumbhi’ tree looked like this during the day :



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