Marble Rocks..


I am sure you all have seen this place many times in a lot of movies! Just 200 meters downstream from the Dhuandhar Falls is this place that has been named Bhedaghat, the river here glides without a noise over a depth of almost 450 feet at places. The rocks here are wonderfully coloured Marble rocks where you can find white sparkling marble, slaty marble, blue marble rocks. Lots of tourists flock to boat about here and the guides here are amazing commentators. Not only do they give out important and vital information about the place but they have a typical way of keeping you amused and engaged by their humour as well!

These rocks are a beautiful wonder of nature, they say boating here on full moon nights is an absolutely blissful experience, however, we were no where near to the full moon when we reached there. Perhaps, some other time.

One of the more famous bollywood songs shot here is this :


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