I am not sure how many around here would actually readily get a picture on hearing the word Ponk! Well, you can see this picture and imagine me drooling! That is ‘Ponk’ ladies and gentlemen!

Ponk (Gujarati પૌંક) as it is popularly known in my part of the world. Very famous in Surat it is the name for green immature Sorghum Seeds (Jowar Seeds). These are devoured like crazy here in the winters available from November through December they are a rage among the locals. These Jowar bud’s are mildly baked in hot sand and served with green garlic chutney and a pepper lime sev that is also mostly available only during this time of the year. There are many many ponk parties that are thrown around here during this part of the world, even the Bhajiya’s made of Ponk are divine and out of the world! 😀

I know one person who will become as green as the Ponk! 😀 😀 😀 Hai na Suranga???


2 thoughts on “Ponk!

  1. What an amazing photo and what amazing timing ! We call this “hurda” in Maharashtra, and one has gone to farms outside Pune in one’s childhood, to enjoy this . Someone from the family is leaving for Surat tomorrow (on work, and not as a reaction to this photo 🙂 ), and I hope they have packets of this stuff available, that can be brought back. Thanks for posting this ….. !

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