Brown Rock Chat


I think its been just about a year or even less that I have started watching birds and taking interest in identifying them thanks largely to Shail, Sangeeta and Ihm. The best part about bird watching is that now each step outside is an adventure. I used to go for Tiger Safari’s or Lion safari’s in sanctuaries, now, every moment outdoors is a bird safari. I have also come across amazing species and never ever had noticed so many earlier although they were quite near me. I realised there are 18 different species of birds just around my house. I guess they were always there, just that I started looking out now.

There is an equal amount of curiosity when I see a new bird, I can’t wait but to click and upload a pic and ask Shail or Sangeeta which bird is it!!

Above is a bird that we failed in identifying I guess but thanks to the FB community Indian Birds Voila! πŸ˜€ Its the Brown Rock Chat also known as Indian Chat. The fun of identifying different species the feeling of wanting to share the picture and the time spent till you actually do that is of super excitement I tell you! πŸ™‚


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