120. Silver Bill


Driving about in Kutch we came across one pond on the bank of which was this ‘Gando Baval’ tree (Prosopis juliflora)… which has spread like crazy in Kutch. This plant native to Mexico was imported in the 19th century to prevent soil erosion however it has spread like crazy all along Gujarat and Rajasthan. Infact the plant is now considered invasive. However, it is home to these wonderful Silver Bill’s. Whilst the nests look very similar to the nests of the Weaver Bird, I couldn’t find any weaver bird around and the Silver Bill’s were regularly entering the nest and venturing out, which left me presuming these are their houses.

The one interesting fact about Silver Bill’s is the females of Silver Bill lay eggs in other pair’s nests!



4 thoughts on “120. Silver Bill

    • that’s quite a social service.. rearing other’s kids.. oh! they are not the weaver bird nests is it.. I’m just curious, does the weaver bird leave behind its nest and migrate elsewhere so that the silver bird could use occupy them, nature’s ways of lending a helping hand for those who don’t know how to build nests πŸ˜‰ thinking out loud

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