U for Underwater


The Sea at the beach always looks so soothing, so beautiful, however, today we will take you below the sea !!!


Have you ever taken a peek under the surface of the sea water?? Last year was the first time I went for snorkelling and had the opportunity to take that look and let me tell you one thing… it has to be seen to be believed. I cannot describe it and my photos and my camera don’t do justice to it.


After drinking tonnes of Salt Water… finally… we managed to get a hang of staying afloat in the floating suit and not sinking :-/


That is a Star Coral next to a small fish that was running away from us…


Sponge.. you can read more about it here


A cuttle fish! This fish has 3 hearts and hence they say that it can fall in love many times as even if one lover breaks its heart it still has 2 more 😀 We even touched it 😀 😀 😀


Here is a video of a Sea Slug that we took during the reef walk… Just look at how it moves… look at its colours ! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


All these pictures were taken during Anubhav – ANALA’s outdoor learning expedition for students whom we accompanied.
The exact destination of these pictures is Marine National Park in Jamnagar, which has really beautiful corals. The location is here :


So what do you have to say about the colours of life under water ??? 😀 😀


24 thoughts on “U for Underwater

  1. oooh.. underwater photography… The coral looks so wonderful.. I must confess that inspite of being a resident of this state, I did not about the marine national park.. Will plan a visit next year

    • I do plan to do that sometime ! Saala duniya itni badi… aur income itni choti… kaha kaha jau !

      btw this snorkelling was done by us ourselves without any experts aiding us ! and we did it for the first time 😀

  2. Wanted to go scuba diving when we went to Maldives but couldn’t get around to it 😦 Need to push hubby into the water more often (swimming lessons I mean) and get him confident about swimming. 😛 Else he would refuse to come with me :-/ Sigh!

  3. Superb pics! I can imagine your underwater experience… must be thrilling to the core!
    We 3 in the family love swimming and Aaryan has done a scuba diving course in his school. We hope to do this together sometimes soon 🙂

  4. So you have been blogging here!!! I was wondering why no posts from you some time?!
    You went in Anala’s camp!!! Wow!!! This looks so amazing, didn’t know we can do that in Gujarat also. This definitely goes in my wish list.
    One of my friend was with Anala….

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