Q for Quest… of the unknown


 fueled by fresh air  

en route to no where

across vast expanses of greens

 driven by a quest  


a quest to break out 

to reach a distant land

to explore, to observe

to push the limits

of my comfort zone


found I did…

a land so pristine

pastures so abundant

all to me.


This picture was taken by my friend Jay who was walking behind me on this thrilling trek we did in September 2011. This trek is on the route to Buran Pass  which is at 4725 meters from sea level. It was so beautiful to be walking in a land which was uninhabited or unreachable by wheels. There were no people about, only us and some griffon vultures… they perhaps suspected we were dead dead tired of all the walking we did. But, as most people do realise, on treks we come to know what our true endurance levels were, I reckon we never push our limits. Sometimes on treks we are forced to do that and that is when we come across the a self that we never knew existed. 

During this trek we Reached Janglik village which was not accesible by road then… after trekking for 4 hours from 9pm to 1 am in pitch darkness with only torches to aid us. Next day morning we again started walking at 7 towards Buran Pass and kept walking till about 2 pm and then we again walked all the way back to Janglik and back to our taxi pick up. In all I think we walked for almost 16 hours in the 22 hours we spent there.

The trek was breathtaking and if had we not been short on time we would have done Buran Pass… More pictures and the entire thrilling adventure of this trek can be read here on my other blog


17 thoughts on “Q for Quest… of the unknown

  1. I wanted to write something on exactly the same topic but then my brain was in no mood to do so and hence settled for a short-cut. 😛

    I loved your take on it. Loved the poetry a bit more.

  2. Loved the picture and words. I would like to believe what you said about people getting to know their endurance level on a trek. I wish I could ever go on one. But in my heart I know I can never do that.

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