O for Monk like OWL :P

One fine sunny day a strange thing happened, a nocturnal bird made its appearance amidst the gulmohur trees, it didn’t announce its presence but my eagle Nikon eye spotted it. It didn’t blink, nor move till I got my camera… It was thinking of attaining some heights it seemed.

Then it gave me a sneer, as if it were telling me… go away… dont annoy me… and btw did you even ask for my permission if I wanted to be photographed ??


But alas… suddenly all the ‘Saat Saheliya’ aka Jungle Babbler’s came about… telling it that they have taken over the city… that the ‘Owl’ dare not venture around here… As lil as the babbler’s were in comparison to the owl they made a big ruckus…


The Tree Pie it seemed came to just see an old fellow jungle soul and tried to identify if it were a distant relative or friend… it just observed and off it went…


It stayed there unflappably cool. Almost as if in meditation… unperturbed and ignoring the babblers.


Then came the crow’s in numbers and surrounded it… the monk for once turned its neck 180degrees as if to just stare once in everyone’s eyes…


Ek Nazar hi kaafi thi… soon as it took a deep breath… slowly all the crows too flew away… It rested for a while… when even I got bored… I guess it flew away never to be seen again…


Pics by Nigam
Text by Hitchy


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