D for Duck


D was for Dragonfly and D is for Ducks too… Here is a couple of Brahminy Ducks (Ruddy Shelduck). These migratory birds come from Europe to India in winters and leave India by April. They are usually in a pair of a male and a female. The thing about these ducks is that they make lifetime pairs and live together always. Our guide in Ranthambore also told us that they separate every night and mourn and call out to each other from opposite banks or a stream or a pond and then reunite the next day morning ! 😀


7 thoughts on “D for Duck

    • I wonder too… I did check on the net and found similar stories about them.. so I guess this is a trait that they have… Nature… is stranger than fiction ! 😀

  1. Hey I loved your A2Z marathon pics!!! You have a great knowledge about wildlife…and reading you reminded me of reading Safari (the magazine)…Thanks for sharing..

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