Painted Spur Fowl…

DSC_0059The Painted Spur Fowl has feathers that sort of give a 3d feel.. although it kept rushing under the bushes the amateur me managed to atleast click one slightly decent shot…. the Ranthambore guide’s claimed it to be a species that is found only in their park, however wiki is a little more generous… It is found in the Aravalli’s and some have spotted a few of them in Andhra Pradesh too.

Again this fowl is not sighted too easily and we were lucky to spot it on Tuesday the 19th which was to be a wonderfully lucky day with us spotting a Spur Fowl, a leopard and A TIGER all in one day šŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “Painted Spur Fowl…

    • I thought it was a very good one… but then I came back and saw some other clicks on the net of this spurfowl and I got a complex ! there are some stunning shots around !

      • That always happens. I mean you think you have got a good shot and then find really stunning ones on the net šŸ˜›
        Are you in the Indian Birds group on FB? You should post some of your pictures there.

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